Perfume Christmas Gift Guide 2022

It’ll be here before you know it, so beat the rush, ditch the stress, and check out our guide to which fragrances you should put in someone’s stocking this year.

For the classically elegant

Some folks just ooze a classical elegance whether they’re walking the dog or popping to the shops to stock up on coffee and croissants. These are the scents you should buy them.

  • Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne – This elegant and intriguing composition is just too good. It’s a talisman for warding off bad vibes, armour for days when you need protection and a pick-me-up for every other day.
  • Mercurial Cashmere by Electimuss – Whilst this scent would also have been good in the edible category, there is something just so classy about it that we have added it here instead. Classy, sweet and powerful, this fragrance packs a punch and lasts forever on skin.
  • Calicanto By Rubeus Milano – A fabulous scent which oozes Italian chic and which will certainly win you over with its charms. A bit on the spendy side, so a real treat for those you love dearest.
  • Rivalite Imperiale by Plume Impression – Has a foodie-sounding list of notes, but wears like a supremely elegant cashmere wrap.

For those who love greenery

A lot of green scents – and often unusual and interesting ones – have crossed our desk this year. Here are our favourites…

For those who love to travel

Travel remained a hot topic in perfumery this year, and, after a couple of years of curtailment on that front who can blame brands for dreaming of far flung destinations.

  • Jamaica by Nateeva – Beacy and delightful, the sort of scent which makes you feel like you are on holiday as soon as you spray.
  • Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield and Banks – Incredibly wearable and very satisfying, this is the sort of fragrance which not only whisks you off to somewhere new, but also which harnesses the power of plants grown in the founder’s home country of Australia.
  • Wales Perfumery – If you are wanting an indie scent formulated bottled and inspired by Wales then look no further than our brand guide to Wales Perfumery.

For the bold

These fragrances are both big in terms of their projection and character, or, they’re bold and exciting in terms of composition. Either way they aren’t for the faint of heart, but for the daring and exciting amongst us, these are the beauties to pick.

  • 20 Mars 2022 by Rundholz – One of the most interesting and intriguing scents smelled this year, which also coincided almost exactly with the date we first tried it. A bonkers notes list but somehow it just really works.
  • Immortelle by Manos Gerakinis – A love at first sniff scent, this bowls you over with the delicious immortelle and edible vibe. Summer in a meadow in a bottle.
  • Petali e Spade by Nobile 1942 – A truly interesting composition which combines a vintage-esque aldehydic opening with a bed of petals. Totally unique.
  • Gold Spot by Sarah Baker – A sister perfume to Loudo, this pushes the oud heart in the direction of florals, but retains a hard, butterscotch candy edge.

For floral lovers

Florals are always going to hold a special and central place in any perfume wardrobe. Here are our favs from this year.

  • Fox in the Flowerbed by Imaginary Authors – A super easy to wear (and love) fragrance from a house which has a reputation for pushing the envelope. The alpine air accord in this scent is simply sublime, and its set on, well, a bed of flowers.
  • Evonimo by Rubeus Milano – Another cracking scent from this house which takes us on a stroll through a Venetian garden.
  • French Flower by Matiere Premiere – Ok, I’m going to say it, the best tuberose I’ve ever smelled, and the best floral of the year.

For foodies

The gourmand perfume category is alive and well, and shows no sign of abating. There are a plethora of excellent gourmand fragrances about this year, here are just a few.

For the young or young at heart

Thankfully, perfume wasn’t entirely serious this year – there were definitely some fragrances out there designed specifically to bring a smile to your face. These are the scents we would suggest for those who are either young, or who retain a youthful spirit.

For those wanting to scent their homes

Finally, who can forget home fragrances at this time of year. There are some exceptionally good candles about these days – so no excuse for homes to smell of wet dog or left over sprouts!

  • Boujee Bougies – Recommended last year, but making the list again because they are just so good. My favourites are Cuir Culture (leather and books) and Hellflower (an intoxicating, alien bloom) but all the candles from Boujee Bougies are fulsome and bold. The brand are currently re-packaging so some excellent offers to be had as well.
  • Born of Botanics – A York-based brand who make really lovely candles by hand. The scents are more on the delicate side, but perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing to. My personal favourite is Sweet Basil from their Kitchen Garden Collection.
  • AJA Botanicals by Tilly – A new entrant into the home fragrance space, but their candle, Into The Mystic, smells like fluffy, clean towels which is a winner in my book.
  • Rosewood and Frankincense by Mocan London is a fragrance with a powerful throw, enough to turn your bedroom into a boudoir and make the whole of your house smell festive-party ready!

The other stuff

If we received gifted samples or product, this is listed on the original review (linked above). We weren’t paid or incentivised to include any of the fragrances or candles in this round up.

In addition to those listed above, gifted samples of product were received from Born of Botanics and AJA Botanicals.

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash.


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