About The Sniff

The Sniff is your home for all things perfume. Here you will find reviews of interesting scents, recommendations of what to wear each season and a veritable host of perfume reviews and related articles.

Our aim is to provide no nonsense reviews without blinding you with jargon. The perfume world can be a snooty and intimidating place, but we want to make it accessible to anyone who is interested. 

Whilst the majority of the perfumes you will find here are slightly unusual or niche, we don’t confine ourselves to any one particular type of scent. If we think it’s interesting then we will review it, from perfumes themselves, to perfume shops and destinations.

Reviews posted here are totally independent. If we have received samples or testers free of charge from perfume companies, we will clearly note that in the review.

If you would like to submit your brand or fragrance for consideration, please use the contact form on the website. Please note that we do not guarantee that we will review everything (see manifesto below for more details). 

We use images from Pixabay, Unsplash and The Sniff’s own collection.

Find us on Instagram and Twitter @thesniffwebsite, or on Facebook, search The Sniff.

If you’d like to support our work, you can also Buy Me A Coffee.


Here are the principles by which we review.
1. Be transparent. We will declare where samples or testers were bought or gifted from.
2. Be original. We don’t review ‘dupes’, ‘clones’ or ‘inspired by’ fragrances.
3. Be authentic. We won’t review anything we haven’t worn and thoroughly tested (a minimum of three wears, often many more).
4. Be respectful. We like to try and form authentic relationships with the real people behind the brands, to work from a place of mutual respect. To that end, we do not sell fragrances gifted to us. We may, however, donate any unused fragrance to worthy causes, but we will not profit from it.
5. Be thoughtful. We try and review from a place of thoughtfulness and consideration. If we can’t get through three wears of a scent (minimum) then it isn’t for us and we won’t review it. At The Sniff we try to contribute to a discussion, hence our reviews are more than blindly saying “this is great” or “this is terrible”.
6. Be real. We have never and will never buy followers on any platform.
7. Be a contributor. We aim to contribute to a conversation around fragrance which is open, honest and respectful.
8. Be diverse. Diversity is welcomed. We aim to not exclude anyone and are constantly trying to learn and incorporate ways we can make our reviews and language inclusive. We won’t always get it right, but we will try to continue learning.

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