Får by ånd Fragrance

The latest release from ånd Fragrance takes the brand into cheesecake territory, and I for one am here for that.

Listed notes

Yuzu, lime, labdanum, mandarin, buttery biscuit base.

Top notes

It seems that, alongside calming scents, gourmand releases are coming thick and fast at the moment but given the collective tumult that we have all been enduring both currently and over the last few years it’s hardly surprising that brands are looking for ways to capitalise on our desires for soothing, calm and comfort. These scents are the fragrant equivalent of comfort eating (but definitely don’t imbibe them) and we all need at least a little of that now and again.

Får is the new scent from ånd Fragrance and in an interesting twist it takes leftover yuzu and limes which are produced for top-flight restaurants and, using a process of microwave distillation, turns them into essential oils for perfume production. A very interesting and neat way of turning trash into treasure.

The presentation of Får, 10ml.

Får opens with a two pronged attack. On the one hand there is a tart, zesty lime which positively leaps out of the bottle. It’s green, slightly bitter, slightly acidic – just like a real lime is. It feels like grating the skin of a lime and having all those droplets of zingy oil spray everywhere.

The other prong of the attack is the biscuity base of the cheesecake. Sweet, crumbly biscuit texture which is so moreish and delicious that it will make you hungry just smelling it. It’s fleeting, but whilst it lasts this buttery deliciousness is simply sumptuous.

Heart notes

Once settled, Får becomes creamier and silkier and it is very difficult to not think about those oozy, silky cheesecake fillings. The lime loses its angry edge and it becomes both wetter and less exuberant but still very much at the front and centre of the composition. The citrus in the heart is still mouthwatering but it feels like it becomes tamer as the scent wears on.

As it becomes slightly wetter, more juicy, a slight rubbery feel creeps in at times – something to do with citrus’ inherent bitterness perhaps – but it doesn’t affect enjoyment of the scent overall.

Base notes

The base of Får continues in a similar vein, with the lime reducing further and allowing the butteriness to come back a little more, alongside some further sweetness. A powdery nuance creeps in which gives a sherbet-like tone to the scent at times, but keeps it firmly in the gourmand territory. The moreishess of the fragrance can’t be understated. Får will have you reaching for key lime pie and lime cheesecake in an instant.

Får is fairly linear in the way in which it wears – not entirely, but definitely leaning towards that end of the scale. It feels like one of the most wearable and delectable of the whole ånd Fragrance range. Whilst it is definitely one for the desert lovers out there, the lime balances tartness with sweetness nicely and is bound to keep the citrus fans happy too. All round a fun, happy and easy to wear scent which is upbeat, friendly and fun.

10ml bottle of Får

The other stuff

The perfumer for Får is Simon Constantine, formerly of Lush fame.

Får is an interesting fragrance in that initially, in the first half hour following a spray, it feels like it projects enormously well. This rapidly reduces, however, and after the initial blast we felt that it hovered at about handshake distance levels of projection from the body.

The longevity of the scent is moderate – it hangs around for about 3-4 hours following an application, longer on fabric and clothes.

Får is the type of scent which you’d probably wear mostly during the day, but it’s easy to imagine it working at any time of year. Citrus always has that any and everyday vibe about it and even in this cheesecakey form it’s very wearable and very adaptable to the different seasons of the year.

If you like this scent, you might also want to check out our reviews of Påtch and Sånd by ånd Fragrance.

The brand

The whole ethos of ånd Fragrance is to do good by unstinking the world. In real terms this means that the company aims to ethically source ingredients for its fragrances which actually have a positive impact on the local communities they aim to support. In the case of this fragrance, the communities are based in the Alentejo region of Portugal which is an area ravaged by wildfires and on the brink of desertification. ånd Fragrance are partnering with a small group of farms who are working with regenerative practices to help enrich the soil and prevent further decline – thus safeguarding the region for the farmers of the future.

The scents produced by ånd Fragrance have a rawness about them which makes them feel very immediate and unprocessed. Whilst Simon Constantine has moved on from his Lush days, that sense of in-your-faceness about them that Lush scents have does still remain. If you’re looking for the most refined, elegant French perfumery then this likely won’t be your thing, but if you’re looking for something bright, a little savage and quite bold then try ånd Fragrance for sure!

Buy it

Får is available online from the ånd web boutique where it is priced at £125 for 50ml of Parfum strength scent, or £69 for 50ml of EdT. You can also visit the brand’s store in Poole, Dorset if you want to pick up the scent in person.

We received a no-strings-attached 10ml of this fragrance courtesy of the brand. Our thanks to them!

Main image from Pixabay, other images of the product by The Sniff.

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