New podcast out: Oud with Strangelove NYC

Season 2, Episode 20: Interview with Elizabeth Gaynes from Strangelove Perfumes

Elizabeth Gaynes, founder of Strangelove NYC, works with Helena Christensen (the creative director) and perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel to bring to life oud-centric fragrances. These scents are big, bold and not for the faint hearted, but they manage to demonstrate a breadth and depth to the oud universe.

Before starting the brand, Elizabeth learned about sustainable farming practices, and brought this knowledge to bear when creating and developing her own line in which potent ouds are married with other, luxurious ingredients like oris butter, for example. We hear the story of how Elizabeth built the brand, how she met supermodel Helena Christensen and superstar perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, and how the trio brought the vision to life.

Listen to the episode now, via the feed below (which includes all episodes of the podcast) or via whichever app or platform you use to listen to podcasts on. If the episode isn’t yet showing in the feed, please visit this Podbean link instead.

S2 E20 – Oud perfumes with Strangelove The Sniff Perfume Podcast

Strangelove make fragrances centred on oud. We discuss how a career in sustainable farming got founder, Elizabeth Gaynes, hooked on the scent and thinking about her own brand; how supermodel Helena Christensen got involved; and how perfumer Christophe Laudamiel helped bring the vision to life. If oud is your thing then this episode is a must!
  1. S2 E20 – Oud perfumes with Strangelove
  2. S2 E19 Perfume punk: Freddie Albrighton
  3. S2 E18 Luxury fragrance brand Electimuss
  4. S2 E17 Fragrance and Art with Sarah Baker
  5. S2 E16 – The Scent of Space with Marina Barcenilla


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