The best perfumes to buy as gifts 2020

The dreaded (or welcomed) “C” word is rapidly approaching again and it’s time to start contemplating what to buy for those special people in your life. Why not get them a fragrance so you can both enjoy basking in delicious wafts of scent on Christmas morning? We’ve put together our guide to some of the best fragrances we have reviewed this year so you don’t have to do too much leg work in deciding what to buy!

For the romantics

We all want to be wined and dined a little from time to time, and if there is something which 2020 has been lacking then it is most definitely a sense of romance. Bring a little back in the last few days of the year by getting your beau a scent that you can both enjoy.

  • Lace by Sarah Baker – What could be more romantic than a spot of Lace? Sarah Baker’s fragrance does a beautiful job of capturing a lacy feel whilst remaining utterly moreish and demanding to be devoured.
  • Rain Cloud by Perfumer H – This scent evokes walking with your beloved just as – or just before – the heavens open. So pretty, so romantic and so perfect to buy as a gift.

For the young – or young at heart

We all know someone who retains that youthful playfulness, that excitement and curiosity at life. We’ve picked out the following perfumes that helps capture their energy and dynamic nature.

  • Sånd by Ånd Fragrance – This scent is lively, punchy and full of pow. It has a lovely raw and unrefined quality which may appeal to those breaking out, breaking free and spreading their wings.
  • Bee by Zoologist – There is a youthful energy about Bee and it has an ice-creamy sweetness which may appeal to more youthful noses.

For the adventurer

Do you have a friend or family member who is a bit of an explorer? The sort of person who has a map on the wall, dotted with pins and places they would like to go? Perhaps they adventure more in their imagination? Either way, here are some transportive scents that they may well fall for.

  • Arborist by Jorum Studio – This scent is reminiscent of pushing through the coats hanging in the wardrobe and emerging into Narnia. Or, if you prefer, a lovely walk in a dense thicket of Scottish woodland. Either way it’s utterly transportive.
  • Terror and Magnificence by Beaufort – This fragrance transports in time as much as location, taking you back to the dark alleys and murderous evenings of Victorian London.

For the rebel

Looking for something outside the norm, for a friend or family member to match? These are the fragrances on the creative fringe, scents which push the envelope and deserve adoration

  • Ultrahot by Jus – There is something a little playful, a little anarchic about this scent and the presentation of this brand is something else. Definitely worth checking out if you’re buying for someone who wants to think outside the box.
  • Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose – You want a leather and PVC filled nightclub back in the days of smoking in venues? You got it, with this scent!

For the food lover

Gourmand (or food) based smelling scents don’t appear to be going away any time soon, and when you have such lovely treats available, why should they? Pick these scents for someone you love who has a sweet tooth.

  • Feu de Bengale by Lesquendieu – This scent does a fantastic job of using vanilla but retaining such a wonderful sense of elegance. There is no compromise here, you can have both for sure.
  • Endless Happiness by Swedoft – If you want to smell like a happy bakery then this is the scent for you.
  • D600 by Carner Barcelona – This isn’t a new scent but we are including it because we reviewed it in 2020. Spicy vanilla. What more do you need to know?
  • Nea by Jul et Mad – If you want your scents with more fruity notes then try this one which is bound to delight for its deliciousness and appeal.
  • Anti Blues by Pierre Guillaume – In this fragrance, Pierre combats the blues with an overdose of chocolate. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

For the bold

Scents for those who really want to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Or people who just want to be smelled through two-layer masks.

  • Animal Mondain by Pierre Guillaume – This fragrance mixes beautiful, addictive tobacco notes with powdery facets and an animalic hum. It’s languid and compelling.
  • Rudis by Nobile 1942 – A scent inspired by the gladiators’ arena and the sort of fragrance which is classy whilst becoming a conversation starter.
  • Winged Heart by M.Int – There is something so compelling about this scent. It’s bold, it’s big and it will definitely get you noticed.

For the person dreaming of travel

For many of us, holidays were cancelled this year and plans to head towards sunshine were put on hold. Here is a list of scents to help you, or a loved one, smell like vacation time even if you can’t actually be there yet.

  • Bukhara by Gallivant – Gallivant base all their scents around cities which makes them perfect for those seeking travel inspiration or escapism. Bukhara is the brand’s latest release and full of delicate, transparent tones and a sunny feel.
  • Pichola by Neela Vermeire – Basically any of the wonderful Neela Vermeire scents could grace this list. They tick so many boxes: elegant, timeless, refined and just downright lovely. Pichola is inspired by the famous lake but it is not your typical dull aquatic. Admittedly we reviewed this at the end of 2019, but after the last Christmas guide, so it’s going in this one, it’s good enough to deserve that!

For the classically elegant

Timeless, refined, classical. Some scents just ooze glamour and have the ability to span decades. Pick these scents for those people in your life who aspire to those levels of cool.

  • Moonlight in Chiangmai by Dusita – Understated, classical elegance is the hallmark of this scent by this brand who draw their inspiration from a multitude of sources, not least of which is vintage perfumery.
  • Tubereuse Absolue Extrait by Perris Monte Carlo – Tuberose has to be one of the most iconic and timeless notes in scent and you can’t go far wrong with this luxurious composition.
  • Piano Santal by L’Orchestre Parfum – An iconic sandalwood composition which will please sandalwood lovers or just people who like great quality ingredients and compositions.

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here to make your gift buying a little easier. If you come across a scent that you would love for us to review in 2021 and beyond, do drop us a line via the comments box or contact form to let us know.


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  1. Jon says:

    Fantastic mate 🙂 and very helpful the Rain Cloud sounds very lovely. I am looking very forward to what 2021 brings from you and the new podcasts


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