Endless Happiness by SweDoft

SweDoft are a brand making waves on the fragrance community at the moment. Their heavy-hitter scent, Rasputin, has done the rounds on pretty much every YouTuber’s channel. But are this brand a one-trick-pony, or can their range stand up to closer scrutiny?

Listed notes

Citrus fruit, vanilla, green grass, pine, lavender, coffee, jasmine, cacao, sweet tobacco.

Top notes

If you asked for the aromas of happiness, without a shadow of a doubt one of the things I would tell you about is one of the times I sat in a coffee shop in Scandinavia. It doesn’t even really matter which time or which coffee shop, but I sat there with a book, a coffee, a gorgeous pastry in front of me and a big grin on my face. Happiness would be a recreation of the glorious wafts of spicy, buttery pastries, Sunday morning sunshine, curls of coffee steam wafting from a beautifully glazed cup, hot milk, the burble of conversation in the background, and the afterglow of a few days spent wandering about the countryside in one of the best parts of the world. That’s what my version of endless happiness is, and so that’s what we wanted this scent to smell like. Thankfully, Endless Happiness the scent manages to deliver the majority of those elements.

The first thing you notice when spraying it is the warm nutmeg and cinnamon spices. The feel cosy and warming from the outset, like if they could they would wrap you in a warm and velvety blanket. These spices are interesting though, because the first few wears we were sure they were there, but the more it’s tested, the less sure of that I grow. They’re not listed (which really doesn’t mean anything in perfume terms) but if you observe them very closely, you start to discern that they might be a bit of an olfactive mirage caused by the spiciness of the lavender, butting up against the greener notes. Either way it doesn’t really matter because the feel of the start of the scent, and the distinct impression you get is of a warm spiciness.

Not much citrus fruit is detectable, with the exception of the barest hints of a dry, orange-peel type nuance that lingers in the background, just sweetening the spices a little. It feels like candied peel, perhaps decorating the deliciously bready Swedish buns that every decent coffee shop has an array of, all with different types of knot or twist.

Running under the spicy start is a ribbon of warm milk, silky and reassuring. It seems to draw everything together and provide the faintest outline of a path over which everything else will float.

Heart notes

Endless Happiness is one of those fragrances which smells different in the sillage (or projection) than it does really close up to skin. Sniff close to where you sprayed it and you get much more of the detail: the grassy accord, the background hum of jasmine, and a less-spicy-more-floral representation of the lavender.

In the sillage of the fragrance though, the sweetness really comes through. We get the start of the warm, treacley vanilla, and wafts of golden tobacco overlaid on the milky resonance that was evident from the start. The overall impression is of a warm, sweet spiciness with hints of wood and a more balsamic, resinous undertow. Endless Happiness reveals itself as the sort of fragrance you want to cosy up with. It is cocooning, protective, and relaxing.

Base notes

The character of the base is dominated by the gorgeous vanilla and the glow of the blonde tobacco which will swathe the body in their sweet tendrils. If Endless Happiness were a colour, it would be the golden rays of strange, ethereal sunlight you get at midnight in the North of Scandinavia at the very height of summer.

Endless Happiness is one of those fragrances which invites you to step into its world, to be safe and embraced there. It is the warm blanket that protects from the cold, the hot drink that chases the chill from your bones, and the touch of a kindly hand. Attractive, if not quite pretty, cosy and somehow kind, Endless Happiness is the sort of scent that people who exude good vibes and shower you in their reflected glow would wear. I don’t know if the happiness is endless, but it is certainly abundant.

The other stuff

The longevity of Endless Happiness will not disappoint. For something so full of cosy ingredients and facets, it is tenacious in the way that it lingers all day – a good 8-10 hours following an early morning application. In one test it was worn on a day which ended with a very sweaty gym session, and it didn’t budge in the slightest. Impressive stuff.

Endless Happiness is marketed as a fragrance for men, but we say pshaw to gendered fragrance marketing here at The Sniff. Wear this if you like it regardless of gender. We felt that this was decidedly unisex and could be worn by anyone who cared to.

The cosy and warm vibes of Endless Happiness meant that it feels like a fragrance which will wear best when the evenings turn cool and the nights start to draw in.

If you like Endless Happiness, you may also enjoy Cacao Azteque by Perris Monte Carlo.

Buy it

Endless Happiness is available from Bloom Perfumery London, where it is priced at £100 for 50ml EdP. We were kindly given a no-strings-attached sample by Bloom, and we thank them for their generosity.

You can also buy Endless Happiness from the Swedoft web boutique.

Photo by Jessica Guzik on Unsplash.


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  1. Jon Snow says:

    Fantastic mate 🙂 I can see the sweet buns now. I can remember when I tried this one I very much got the lovely tobacco and the sweetness felt very boozy to me as I remember almost whisky like. Its always interesting when we get something so different, maybe it’s what I associated happiness with. This one is lovely and so well written mate


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