Candle review: Bergamot, Frankincense and Sandalwood by Monmouth Botanicals

Cosy scents so your home can smell almost as good as you do.

The brand

Monmouth Botanicals are an artisan perfume and candle makers based in the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Their offerings include perfume creation workshops, “lab in a box” material kits and candles. This is true small business, craft producer work at its best: high quality with great attention to detail.

The packaging

A huge plus point to this brand is the fantastic packaging. There wasn’t a shred of plastic to be found on the package that arrived, which is great. Everything appears to be recyclable or re-useable, even the postage materials which were compostable.

The candle itself is in a brown jar with a screw top lid which will be infinitely re-useable, and indeed very useful, once the candle is finished. The pot is simple but elegant, understated and classy. It’s the sort of packaging that really appeals to me because it doesn’t scream at you.

A simple brown cardboard box surrounds the candle for transport. Again it is minimalist and recyclable. There is no frippery here which will gather dust on your shelves or ruin the environment.

The scent

The candle burns with a combination of uplifting bergamot and woodier, almost spicier undertones. The bergamot is the element which was most noticeable during the burn, with its zesty uplift. Humming along under that lie the warmth of the frankincense and a woody easiness from the sandalwood.

The composition felt relatively simple and uncluttered, allowing the notes – but predominantly the bergamot – to shine. Given that the bergamot came through most when we tried it, it has a nice cleanliness about it which makes the room feel freshened whilst the frankincense gives a cosier feel underneath.

The throw

Within an hour, the scent had filled a moderately sized living room and was spilling out into the hallway beyond. The candle threw well and the scent lingered. There was no sooting of the container and the burn was even.

The verdict

A really pleasant candle with a good level of very ‘real’ smelling fragrance. I’d perhaps have liked a little more sandalwood in the composition, but that could well just be because I am a sandalwood fiend. The packaging and presentation though are, to my mind, pretty darn faultless. Buying something lovely like this from an artisan maker feels so much nicer than going to a faceless department store and getting some cheaply, mass produced candle. This is most definitely several levels above that sort of thing.

Buy it

Monmouth Botanicals’ candles are priced at £22 and they are available from their web boutique. Interestingly, should you so wish, you can also do a workshop to learn how to make your own candles. I can just imagine that making a wonderful Christmas present for someone craftily inclined.

For a limited time, you can get 10% off all candles and workshops by using the code THE SNIFF at checkout.

The other stuff

Monmouth Botanicals very kindly sent me this candle to review. They allowed me to review it honestly and in my own words with no pressure or expectation to do otherwise.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay.


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  1. Jon Snow says:

    Wow they sound superb and the price is excellent. Sadly for me candles seem to choke and give me a headache. But it’s always lovely to walk into someone’s house after they’ve been burning them 🙂 wonderful gifts they make

    Liked by 1 person

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