New podcast out: Interview with Freddie Albrighton

Season 2, Episode 19: Interview with Freddie Albrighton

Freddie Albrighton is a fascinating character. With a successful career as a tattooist under his belt he embarked upon building a fragrance brand in the middle of the pandemic, launching three scents but quickly following up with a gaggle more.

In this podcast episode, we take a deep dive into Freddie’s brand, learn about what makes him tick as a perfumer and how he keeps his creative batteries topped up, as well as look at the new scent, Someone Else’s Flowers.

We’ve previously written a brand guide to Freddie Albrighton’s original releases, and reviewed later releases Eleven Candles in Antwerpen and Last Minute Change of Heart. You can also read our most recent review of Someone Else’s Flowers, Freddie’s new release.

The podcast will shortly be available via the feed below, or wherever you get your podcasts from.

S2 E20 – Oud perfumes with Strangelove The Sniff Perfume Podcast

Strangelove make fragrances centred on oud. We discuss how a career in sustainable farming got founder, Elizabeth Gaynes, hooked on the scent and thinking about her own brand; how supermodel Helena Christensen got involved; and how perfumer Christophe Laudamiel helped bring the vision to life. If oud is your thing then this episode is a must!
  1. S2 E20 – Oud perfumes with Strangelove
  2. S2 E19 Perfume punk: Freddie Albrighton
  3. S2 E18 Luxury fragrance brand Electimuss
  4. S2 E17 Fragrance and Art with Sarah Baker
  5. S2 E16 – The Scent of Space with Marina Barcenilla

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