Our favourite podcast episodes

The vast majority of podcasts don’t make it past ten episodes, but here at The Sniff we have managed to get up to well over 20 episodes now. So dive into the back catalogue with our favourite episodes, ahead of new episodes coming in the New Year!

Interview with an experimental psychologist

Back in Season 1 we met Dr Laura Speed, an experimental psychologist, and discussed the links between language and smell.

Listen to the episode.

January Scent Project interview

January Scent Project are an exciting American brand that push the boundaries of indie and artisan fragrance. Founder, John Biebel, works across a variety of mediums and now brings his creative talent to his brand.

Listen to the episode.

La Maison Hedonique interview

British indie brands are on the rise, and La Maison Hedonique founder Lucy Akhurst has an interesting perspective on the ups and downs of running an artisanal fragrance business.

Listen to the episode.

And Fragrance interview

We opened Season 2 with a fascinating interview with Simon Constantine, formerly of Lush but now working on his own line, And Fragrance. Simon discusses responsible and ethical sourcing of ingredients and what is next for his business.

Listen to the episode.

4160 Tuesdays interview

Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays perfume is one of the best known names and faces of the UK and in this episode we spoke to her about the fragrant landscape of the UK, and what her favourite scents and scent memories are.

Listen to the episode.

Interview with Le Parfumeur Francais

Joelle Lerioux Patris is a classically trained French perfumer who has started her own business, Le Parfumeur Francais, where she composes scents for brands and individuals who want the ultimate in bespoke scent.

Listen to the episode.

Jorum Studio interview

We travel to Scotland for this episode where innovative and exciting house, Jorum Studio, are filling our nostrils with unusual fragrances. This brand are one to watch and this episode peeks behind the fragrant curtain and into their world.

Listen to the episode.

The ethics of fragrance reviewing

We hear a lot about bad behaviour in the fragrance reviewing community, from YouTubers threatening to give bad reviews to companies who don’t supply them with free products, to Instagrammers not declaring where their fragrances have come from (which they are legally obliged to in the UK). In this episode, we speak to Stephan Matthews – a well respected British fragrance writer – and ask just what is it with all the bad behaviour.

Listen to the episode.

27 87 interview

27 87 are a fresh, modern brand from Barcelona. During lockdown their founder, Romy, walked the streets of her city looking for inspiration for her next scent. We discuss the resulting fragrance and find out what scents make Romy tick.

Listen to the episode.

Interview with Aurelien Guichard

Aurelien Guichard comes from a fragrance dynasty. Classically trained, he has composed scents for some of the world’s best and brightest brands. Now working on his own line, Matiere Premiere, we hear how this fragrance superstar works his magic.

Listen to the episode.

The other stuff

We weren’t paid to feature any of the brand mentioned above either in this list or in the podcast itself.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash.


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