Brand guide: Celie and Couch

It’s hard for me to resist any perfumes which are inspired by the beautiful geography of Yorkshire, the place where The Sniff calls home. So when the debut trio of scents by Celie and Couch landed on our doorstep it seemed only right that we took a look across the brand and brought them to you, so that you too may share a little slice of “God’s own country” wherever it is that you actually call home.

The vibe

Celie and Couch are a friendly yet thoughtful brand which look at the intersection between scent, expression and the self. They are an indie brand so don’t expect high gloss and weird adverts where shirtless men punch water and stare off into the middle distance here, instead you’re getting a hand crafted, slightly rustic but very approachable vibe from a brand which is more rooted in real life than the frippery and, at times, downright insanity of the designer perfume world.

The brand

Celie and Couch are based in London, and hand crafted by the founder, Jord, from their Central London home studio loft. In the debut fragrance trio, Jord recalls childhood days spent “Up North” in their Leeds hometown which, for those of you not fortunate enough to have visited, is a bustling city with a generous heart, set in rolling hillsides and deep valleys.

The Celie and Couch brand will appeal to those who are bored (or overfaced) by the artificial polish and perfection of high street perfumery. If you’ve had enough of your Guerlains or Diors and you want something much more honest, homespun and down to earth, then these scents could be right up your street.

The scents

Three fragrances make up the debut collection, all inspired by Yorkshire. They are: Scran On Th’ Garth, Moor An’ Th’ Loike and Skellered. For those of you not from round these parts, these are all expressions or phrases common in aspects of the Yorkshire dialect and accent. If you want to hear some dulcet Yorkshire tones then do check out The Sniff Perfume Podcast because I sport one such accent myself.

The Celie and Couch discovery set presentation

Scran On Th’ Garth

Listed notes: Bergamot, lemon, geranium, lavender, patchouli, vanilla.

Scran On Th’ Garth means, approximately, “food on the lawn” but this doesn’t come across as a gourmand fragrance barely at all. Soapy, clean and effervescent this is more of a barbershop type scent lifted with the sour zing of bergamot and lemon in the opening bars. The geranium is very punchy and green in the opening few moments of scent, with its bitter astringency, and is followed by the cleanliness of lavender which imparts that soapy vibe.

The opening fights a little with the latter phases of the wear where the fragrance becomes much earthier, warmer and sweeter with a leathery facet. Imagine sticking your face in a geranium plant and then grovelling about in the soil at its roots wearing leather gloves, but disturbing some lavender at the same time – that is the sort of vibe we get here.

Moor An’ Th’ Loike

Listed notes: Black pepper, jasmine, juniper, thyme, honey, fir, orris, civet.

Moor An’ Th’ Loike roughly translates to “The moor and things which are similar” (it helps if you say the translation in a very posh British accent).

Moor et al smells to me like when you get the Christmas tree decorations down from the loft ready to put them up for the season. I love the smell of opening the musky box up and unpacking the treasures which have been stored up there for most of the year, but which still have on them the smell imprint of last year’s tree. The fir and juniper with a touch of savoury thyme give that impression, whilst the black pepper mixes with the orris and civet to form a dry, dusty and warm feeling.

In the earlier phase of a wear, the civet and honey together do come across as a little urine like – but I imagine that’s just a mouse that has nested in the box you’ve dragged out of the loft. This is settles into an easier hum of honey as the fragrance continues.

Moor is a very cool scent, but with a nostalgic warm undertow. One to get out as the festive season approaches.


Listed notes: Neroli, ho leaf, sage, rosewood, ginger, mandarine, cinnamon leaf, patchouli.

Skellered isn’t a particularly commonly used word these days, at least not in my experience, but it means to be twisted like a knotted piece of wood. It’s the sort of word which someone’s ancient old grandad might say when the garden gate twists out of true after a hard winter.

Skellered the scent is a really strange brew, and indeed it does smell a little like a potion some wise woman in the woods might have cooked up in days of yore. There’s a very savoury vibe about this fragrance, which makes me think of herbs steeped in hot water – it’s the sage taking centre stage. For me the sage was front and centre, taking up most of the space in the scent, so if you like this particular ingredient, then this is probably the one you want to go for.

The verdict

All the fragrances of Celie and Couch are quite savoury, cool in tone, and more than a bit herby and outdoorsy. If you like your scents smelling natural, realistic, and like you’ve just been out all day wuthering some heights, then definitely check this brand out.

All three fragrances have an acceptable level of performance, each lasting on average between four and six hours following application. They all go to about handshake distance or so in terms of projection as well.

To me the scents will appeal mostly to those who like fragrances sitting towards the more stereotypically masculine side of things, but as always you should feel free to wear what you enjoy regardless.

Buy it

The Celie and Couch fragrances are available from their web boutique where they are priced at £64.95 for 50ml of EdP.

We were very kindly gifted a sample set (the Tidgy Yorkshires) by the brand, with no strings attached.

Main image by Tim Hill from Pixabay, images of the products by The Sniff.


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  1. Jon says:

    Great post and how fabulous to have fragrances inspired by such a fabulous part of the world 😉

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    1. The Sniffer says:

      It’s impossible to NOT be inspired by beautiful Yorkshire! 😀

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