The best perfumes to buy as gifts 2019

Christmas is hurtling towards us like a juggernaut again and you’re probably wondering what to buy for those special people in your life. Why not get them a fragrance so you can both enjoy basking in delicious wafts of scent on Christmas morning? We’ve put together our guide to some of the best fragrances we have reviewed this year so you don’t have to do too much leg work in deciding what to buy!

For the romantics

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas it’s easy to forget that deep down many people just want a little more romance in their lives and a little less washing up and walking the dog. Buy these fragrances for those you want to treat to a big slice of affection.

  • Liquo by Angela Ciampagna. This dreamy fragrance is really soothing to wear. Its anise and hay notes are transportive and mesmerising as well as being beautifully crafted. One of our favourites we’ve looked at all year.
  • Desert Suave by Liquides Imaginaires. This fragrance conjures up action heroes from the golden age of movies. It’s full of sexy, fruity derring do, spices and swashbuckle.
  • If it’s a more historical romanticism you want, try Megalium by Carner Barcelona. This beautiful spiced rose scent really steals hearts and will delight and entrance in equal measure.

For the young – or young at heart

We all know someone who retains that youthful playfulness, that excitement and curiosity at life. We’ve picked out the following perfumes that helps capture their energy and dynamic nature.

  • Bo-Bo by Carner Barcelona. This fragrance is inspired by a folkloric dance and it is a really easy to wear fresh and clean type scent. It has loads of energy and is really joyful. You’d be hard pressed to go wrong with this one.
  • Aroon Sawat by Strangers Parfumerie. This scent is a cheerful, uplifting and bright little number. It represents the dawn, and its cheerful disposition and optimistic tone do a really good job of capturing those feelings.

For the adventurer

Do you have a friend or family member who is a bit of an explorer? Always out, finding new places to hike or cycle, always looking for hills to climb. These are the scents that you should pick for them.

  • Any of the fragrances we looked at by the brand Bravanariz would fit someone of this description. The fragrances are created by bottling landscapes – the team literally go out into the wilds and collect plants growing there, distilling them into a scent which represents the place they were collected. The Bravanariz fragrances are magical and different.
  • You might imagine that the fragrances of Beso Beach would fit into the ‘holiday’ category, but on balance they seemed to come out on the more adventurous side. Think rocky shorelines, hidden coves and passionate holiday romances and you might be getting close to the energy that this brand exudes.

For the rebel

Need to buy a present for that family member who is always that little bit different? The one who refuses to follow the rules? Don’t worry, we definitely have sophisticated scents that will satisfy even the most rebellious.

  • Hermann A Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre by Etat Libre d’Orange. Etat Libre d’Orange are nothing if not anarchic and Hermann is by no means their most ‘out there’ scent. It’s really wearable though and has a compelling strangeness about it that kept us hooked. This is dark, luscious greenery, mysterious and shady that just pulls you in.
  • Serin by January Scent Project is a great fragrance if you want to buy a gift for someone artistic, open minded, and a little bit weird (in the best possible way). It marries a floral aspect with a cool incense and takes you on a wild ride as it does so. Perfect for someone who needs to be kept on their toes. If Serin isn’t quite what you are looking for, the brand has a whole exciting range for you to go at.
  • There’s something wonderfully non-conformist about the scents of Pekji Parfums. Their fragrances are wearable but oh so inventive. There’s a rose but it’s a twisted rose, an amber but like nothing else you’ve smelled previously, a sea-scent, and others too. Fascinating and just a little bit off the beaten path.

For the food lover

It’s been a fantastic year for scents which have an edible, or gourmand, element and we were really spoilt for choice for what could be added to this section. Some of the stand outs for us have been:

  • Golden Powder by The House of Oud for it’s comforting, milky, spiced vibes. This scent is relaxing and gentle in equal measure and is a delight to wear.
  • Chocolate, Rose and Oud by Aaron Terence Hughes. This fragrance is perfect for the chocoholic in your life. The rose and oud aspects of the fragrance really keep this smelling classy and steer it much more towards being a ‘grown up’ scent.
  • Secrets of Love Gourmet by Maison Micallef. If you like your fragrances smoky as well as sweet then this delightful perfume is definitely worth checking out. It has a chestnut vein running through it, married with red fruits and smoke, and it is simply captivating.
  • Menta y Menta by Miller et Bertaux. This fabulous perfume takes all the energy and refreshment of mint and turns it into something which isn’t mouthwash like in the slightest. It could be magic that has allowed them to do this, or it might just be clever perfumery. Either way, the result is an excellent and unusual scent which would be great for someone who wanted the zing of a citrus perfume but without the actual citrus.

For the bold

If you are looking for a gift for someone who enjoys a bold fragrance, full of character, look no further.

  • Cigar Rum by Strangers Parfumerie. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Not that this should be exclusively reserved for those of a masculine persuasion though, it wears beautifully on other skins too.
  • Alfa by Mendittorosa. Damn this scent is good. Woody, spicy, brooding. It’s dashing and suave and sexy as hell.
  • Rake and Ruin by Beaufort. If you know someone who wants to raise hell, buy them this. It has all the hallmarks of a Beaufort fragrance with a twist of gin and a slice of excitement too!

For the person who always wants to be on holiday

Okay, so that might be true for most of us, but we all know that person who is constantly planning their next break. Here are the scents that you should buy them.

  • Swim/SX by Pierre Guillaume. What could smell more like holidays than the scent of swimwear carrying the faint trace of chlorine from the pool? And if that doesn’t sound all that appealing, then you really need to try this fragrance because it’s as sexy as the name might suggest.
  • Sunsuality by Pierre Guillaume. Is it cheating that this brand have two entries in this category? Not if they both deserve a place there. 2019 was the year that Pierre Guillaume launched three scents inspired by summer holidays and Sunsuality is a languid, sun-soaked representation of those blissed out days relaxing by the pool. It’s absolutely perfect if you want to capture that scent for someone year round.

For the classically elegant

Buying for someone who is terminally chic can be really hard, so we have selected a couple of options which will surprise them, and keep their chic quota high!

  • Splendiris by Dusita. This is a solid take on iris in perfume and its timeless quality will take you from day to evening and through the years.
  • Ducalis by Angela Ciampagna is a wonderfully refreshing depiction of rose, but this isn’t the sort of rose you’ve smelled a hundred times before. Elegant, refined and yet exciting, this is a rose scent which will stand the test of time.
  • The fragrances of Ruth Mastenbroek have a really classical feel but updated and tweaked so they’re still relevant and exciting. Try any of their line for something timeless yet modern.

So there you have it, our guide to scents that would make delightful gifts in 2019. If you’ve got a scent that you think we should check out in 2020, please get in touch and let us know!


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