The best perfumes to buy as gifts 2018

Receiving a fabulous new scent on Christmas morning is one of the best feelings ever – especially when the gift-giver has hit your taste spot on and brought a new gem into your perfume wardrobe. That said, getting the perfume right is tricky – what if the scent is too woody, too fruity, not exciting enough? But fear not, our handy guide to the stand out scents we have reviewed in the last few months will help you pick something perfect for your loved ones.

For the youthful spirit

We all know that person who is young at heart, quick to laugh and full of life. Buy these scents to complement their joyous spirit.

  • Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors – This orange pop scent contains an accord of ‘first kiss’. It’s sunny, cheerful and quirkily irreverent. Buy it for someone who yearns for California, summer days, or the hanging around deserted carparks they did in their youth.
  • 201 by Bon Parfumeur – One of the most cheerful and bright scents we have had the pleasure of reviewing. It’s excruciatingly lovely and full of pretty florals, dancing on the air like a butterfly. Buy it for someone who wants to take baby steps into the world of niche scents.

For the rebel

Need to buy a present for that family member who is always that little bit different? The one who refuses to follow the rules? Don’t worry, we definitely have sophisticated scents that will satisfy even the most rebellious.

  • Miracula by Angela Ciampagne – This stunning scent is one of the stand outs of the last year. It’s complex, unusual and utterly divine. Evoking the triumph of Mother Nature over the built environment, it’s bound to satisfy both urbanites and lovers of the countryside.
  • Plein Jeu III-V by Unum – A scent which almost defies definition, Plein Jeu is rich, resinous, and evocative of fresh, clean skin only better. It’s definitely seductive and so far from being a run-of-the-mill fragrance that it’s nigh on impossible to not fall for its charms.

For the food lover

What’s nicer than the scent of some glorious little confection? And who wouldn’t want to smell delicious and inviting? Buy these scents for those who love food in all its guises, and who aren’t afraid of smelling invitingly edible.

  • Chai by Baruti – This wonderful, comforting scent uses chai tea as its inspiration and it’s absolutely wonderful; spicy, warm, complex. Buy it for someone who can’t refuse a cuppa.
  • Sucre d’Ebene by Pierre Guillaume – This scent uses brown sugar notes, alongside vanilla and gentle florals. It’s a delicate, sweet confection which is never cloying. Use it for someone who would love to fix their sugar cravings with a zero-calorie treat.
  • Majaina Sin by The Different Company – Like the idea of gourmands in scent but find them too cloying? Try Majaina Sin for a gourmand which is comforting but refreshing at the same time. It includes notes of ginger, candied sour orange, tonka bean and vanilla for a bright and vibrant take on a gourmand fragrance.
  • PG 04 Musc Maori by Parfumerie Generale – This smells like a chocolate swiss roll filled with apricot jam. What’s not to like about that?

If you’re a big spender

Sometimes you just need to go big or go home. This year we have selected a very special scent as our premium option, and it’s worth every penny.

  • Sirio by Mendittorosa – A glorious slash of smooth rhubarb melting into a galaxy of white musk, rose, oud and amber. Sirio is complex and storied but incredibly wearable and joyful at the same time. Buy it for someone you really want to spoil.

For the adventurer

We all have that one friend or relation who is constantly dreaming of their next trip, the one person who you wouldn’t be surprised to find has run off to live on a deserted island one day. Here’s what to buy them.

  • Sogno Reale by Mendittorosa – Some perfumes can’t help but tell stories, and Sogno Reale is one of the most interesting ones we have come across lately. It’s a tale of adventure, travel and the mysteries of the past. Spellbinding.
  • Nubes by Wide Society – The Wide Society range of scents are specifically designed with travel in mind. Nubes is a scent reminiscent of fluffy white clouds surrounding treetops and is delicate, interesting and great for those who crave travel.
  • Silhouette by Rouge Bunny Rouge – One for those of us who love wandering about in the woods. A reinvigorating scent that will help your loved ones rewind, recharge and relax.

For the summer child

Do you have someone in your life who dreams of summer even when we are in the grip of winter? These are the perfect, summery scents to buy them.

  • 103 by Bon Parfumeur – Summer vibes in a bottle; bright, cheerful, happy. You can positively feel the sunlight warming your skin with this one.
  • Ilanguara by Phaedon – This sophisticated scent reminds us of summer evenings sipping a cocktail on the terrace of a hotel overlooking the ocean. It’s pretty and bound to delight.
  • Elephant by Zoologist – A more masculine take on summer vibes, Elephant is all warm grasses and herbal nuances. It’s different to your typical summer scent, but enthralling nevertheless.

For the classically elegant

Do you want to wow that special someone in your life who oozes old school elegance and glamour? These are the scents we would select for them.

  • Naja by Vero Profumo – A limited edition scent with tremendous wow factor. Bewitching, beguiling and oh so elegant through and through.
  • Iron Duke by Beaufort – A scent on the more masculine end of the spectrum but which is well composed, balanced and full of interesting nuances. Definitely one to go with a three-piece suit and a debonair attitude.
  • Le Mat by Mendittorosa – A dark rose, brooding, mysterious and timeless in its elegance. Thoroughly unisex and thoroughly elegant.



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  1. Helen says:

    What a useful guide, thank you!


    1. The Sniffer says:

      You’re so welcome! 😁


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