Focus on: leather perfumes

Leather is one of those scents that consistently lists in people’s top five favourites alongside freshly cut grass and warm bread. Adding a note of leather to perfume can bring warmth and sophistication which appeals to all genders although it is perhaps most stereotypically associated with the more masculine end of the market.

Check out our recommendations for perfumes with a leather note in all its different guises if you want to add this element of class to your perfume repertoire.

We will be updating this list, alongside our other articles focussing on particular facets of perfumery, including our fruity suggestions for great perfumes to try, so make sure you check back at regular intervals.

  1. Still Life in Rio by Olfactive Studio
    This is a gorgeous scent that blends full on citruses with a leathery undertone. It is bright, lively and full of carnival energy. You should try this one if you like citrus based scents that have a sophisticated leather backbone.
  2. Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir
    We recently reviewed this and it immediately made it on to this list as we were compiling it. Here the note used is suede which can sometimes be a bit overdone in perfumery, losing its subtle nuances. Not here though. In this perfume the suede note is at just the right volume that you can smell it without your nose becoming bored of it. You should try this one if you are looking for classical, refined elegance.
  3. Nettuno by Talismans
    The leather note in this is listed as a ‘modern leather accord’ and the perfume is a great example of leather notes being brought right up to date. It’s interesting, fresh, modern yet retains its classical Italian elegance. Try this one if you want to be intrigued by a perfume that is more a smellscape than a collection of individual notes.
  4. Iron Duke by Beaufort London
    This fragrance is one of the more masculine examples on our list of recommendations. It’s bold, gutsy and dramatic. You should try this one if you want to smell of horses and battlefields, or you are a massive hipster.
  5. PG 5.1 Suede Osmanthe by Parfumerie Generale
    PG 5.1 is a great example of suede taken to the max. It’s one of those fully overblown suede scents that is a simulation of hide rather than a faithful recreation. That said, here it has a soapy, clean quality that is really rather moreish. You should try this if you want to reference shaving soap, cleanliness and a pristine sort of manliness in your scent.

Think we have missed something? Your favourite leathery scent not on the list? We’d love to hear your recommendations for the leathers that you can’t live without.


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