Focus on: fruity perfumes

Fruity scents are a staple of any perfume lover’s collection; easy to wear they’re great for adding a bit of zing and pizazz to your every day. So if you are looking for some fragrance inspiration and fancy something juicy enough to get your mouth watering, then check out our recommendations for some really interesting fruity scents to add to your collection. We’ll keep adding to this list as new things come our way, so be sure to check back in a couple of months.

  1. Erato by Brocard
    Brocard specialise in really cheap scents which are way more interesting than their tiny price tags suggest. Erato is a mixture of fresh berries and herbal notes. The result is a scent which has a rebellious quality on the one hand, and a real sense of playful fun on the other. You should try this if you want to dip your toe in the market without committing a huge amount of cash.
  2. PG16 Jardins de Kerylos by Parfumerie Generale
    Fig in perfume is so ubiquitous that it almost warrants its own genre. In Jardins de Kerylos, we find it skilfully blended with peach and woody notes in a really harmonious aria to fuzzy fruit. This is a scent which is both enlivening and comforting, it brings a waft of summer to even the darkest winter days. You should try this one if you want something classically elegant but bold.
  3. Hummingbird by Zoologist
    Zoologist are a brand cresting their own wave at the moment, receiving critical acclaim for the scents in their line. Hummingbird is a sweet fruity floral mashup. It’s an over the top, modern take on what feels like something quite classic. You should try this one if you want to impress your friends with just how on trend you are.
  4. L’Humanist by Frapin
    This zesty scent is cheerful, versatile, unisex. It takes classic citrus notes and makes them zing them with an alcoholic twist. It’s just so full of energy that it practically flies off the skin and one cannot help but smile when one wears it. You should try this one if a cold G and T on a hot sunny day is your idea of bliss.
  5. Or du Serail by Naomi Goodsir
    Naomi Goodsir makes really intriguing scents that sometimes take a little while to understand. Or du Serail is one of her easier compositions and a great way into the line. This scent includes a whole fruit-bowl of delicious things to tempt you and wraps them up with a candied vibe. You should try this one if you like your fruit festive and dried rather than juicy and zingy.

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