The best perfumes to buy as gifts

Christmas is rolling towards us with that relentless inevitability again and our thoughts turn to the gifts we want to buy for those in our lives who deserve more than yet another pair of socks or some shower gel. That said, scent is really hard to buy someone else. What if it’s too floral? Too woody? They just don’t like it? Fear not! Our handy guide to easy-to-wear scents that would make great gifts is here to help you. Click on the links to read our full reviews including where to buy.

For the youthful spirit

We all have that friend or family member who is fizzing with energy all the time, the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave. Be they 17 or 71 you might want to try the following scents for them…

  • Fortune by Brocard – This gentle, youthful scent evokes lemon fondant fancies and happiness. It’s easy to wear and lasts all day so no need to remember to reapply.
  • Hummingbird by Zoologist – Zoologist perfumes are very on trend right now and Hummingbird is one of their easier fragrances to wear. Great for someone who wants to get into more niche brands whilst not compromising on general good taste.
  • Bal d’Afrique by Byredo – One only needs to walk past the Byredo counter in Liberty’s to see both the young and the youthful lapping up Byredo like it’s popping candy. Buy this for the trendsetter in your life and you will definitely win brownie points!

For the rebel

Fragrance has, in recent years, become the playground of rebellious spirits who want to break away from the conventional and push the boundaries of what is and isn’t a wearable fragrance. We have tried to give you some unconventional fragrances for the rebellious spirited who might be new to perfumery here. We’ve selected fragrances that are wearable but interesting. They feature unusual combinations but retain a wearability that gives then a wide appeal.

  • You or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d’Orange – This brand push boundaries in really interesting ways. This scent features mint and rose notes on a musky base. It’s fascinating!
  • Tara Mantra by Gri Gri – Gri Gri market themselves as a brand for tattooed skin, but that’s just hype. In reality they’re a brand that want to set themselves at the cutting edge of Hipsterdom. This clash of sweetness and incense makes it very easy to want to join them there, waxed moustache and all.
  • Bat by Zoologist – This is the most challenging of our recommendations in this category. It’s dark, it’s earthy, it’s wet, it smells like a crypt, but damn is it sexy.

For the chocoholic

Know someone who just cannot get enough chocolate? Here’s what to buy them.

  • Close Up by Olfactive Studio – Serious, refined, but with a distinctly coffee and chocolate edge, this is a powerful scent that will satisfy chocoholics everywhere.
  • Fragrance number 10 by Nikkos-Oskol – The more playful of our recommendations, this is a softer and lighter number which retains that seriously moreish chocolate edge through it’s clever use of high grade ingredients.

If you’re a big spender

There’s a limit to what it is sensible to spend on perfume, but if you’re in the market to buy something costing big bucks…

For the adventurer

We all have that one friend or relation who is constantly dreaming of their next trip, the one person who you wouldn’t be surprised to find has run off to live on a deserted island one day. Here’s what to buy them.

For the Summer child

Still dreaming of Summer? Here we have recommendations of light, airy, breezy scents that conjure up memories of sunny days and cocktails by the riverbank (unless you live in Yorkshire like us where it’s more likely to be a can of cider on a park bench, but either way…).

  • L’Eau de Phaedon by Phaedon – This is a great scent for allergy sufferers as it’s very kind on skin. It has a lovely mix of light florals and green notes and is both harmonious and soothing. Very easy to wear to boot!
  • L’Humanist by Frapin – This is a corker. It’s zingy and fizzy and really evokes that G and T on a hot and sunny day. It’s super easy to wear, very unlikely to offend anyone and a really great all rounder.
  • Pluie de Soleil by Phaedon – Phaedon do summery scents really well and this one is another fabulous and easy to wear treat. Spritz this all over and soon you’ll be back in a sun dress by the pool.

For the lover of classical elegance

Buying someone who appreciates the finer things in life can be really hard, especially without breaking the bank to boot. Here are some recommendations for scents which retain a classical elegance throughout their wear.

  • Bois Naufrage by Parfumerie Generale – This is a sexy, sultry but never tawdry little concoction that oozes quality and balance. Hints of skin musks and wood make it classically elegant through and through.
  • Jangala by Pierre Guillaume – Another from the PG stable and yet another classic. Jangala has a lovely powdery mineral quality to it that is never overpowering but which wears well throughout the day. It is very tasteful and utterly delightful.

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