Welcome to The Sniff

Hi there and welcome to The Sniff. This is your new home on the web for all things fragrance related. We will be publishing reviews on common and niche fragrances, links on where to buy, suggestions for what to wear and when, and recommendations for people who want to expand their fragrance remit.¬†You deserve better than smelling like someone’s ex, so let’s dive into the wonderful world of fragrance together. All you have to do is sniff…

The reviews posted here are totally independent. We are not affiliated to, or paid by any perfume house, company or brand. If a sample has been provided by a company free of charge, we will note that in the review.

All opinions posted are those of The Sniff team. If you would like to contact us with recommendations of perfumes you’d like us to review, comments or questions, please use the contact form provided.


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